Welcome to California Christian College

California Christian College was born from the vision of forty-eight Free Will Baptist Churches in 1955. Churches in the western U.S. found trained pastors to be in short supply. CCC was established to fulfill this need. The first classes of the college were held in the First Free Will Baptist church of Richmond, CA. Today the college is located on six acres at the center of the San Joaquin Valley. Since its founding the college has operated continuously except for 1985-86, when the governing board re-evaluated the college’s needs and mission. Classes resumed in the Fall of 1986.
Applications for admission are accepted until the last working day before the first day of scheduled classes. (See current calendar for specific date). Students must complete the application process and be admitted to the college prior to end of the 5th working day after classes begin in order to enroll in the current semester. Notification of admission to the college is done for each applicant on an individual basis. Notification of acceptance will be sent as soon as all necessary documents are on file.
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Chapel Services

At 9 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the college body joins together for a time of worshipin music, prayer, preaching and testimonies. On Fridays the student body put into practice what they have been learning and lead the Chapel service.

Spiritual Development

Prayer Groups
Men’s Bible Study
Women’s Bible Study

Christian Service

Students engage in at least 20 hours of practical ministry each semester. Our students are involved with prison ministries, rescue missions, youth tutoring & mentoring, convalescent homes, and local churches. In addition to their own individual places of ministry, there are also many opportunities to come together. Students serve at school banquets, direct youth lock-ins, give testimonies at area churches, and conduct prayer walks in the surrounding neighborhood just to name a few.

Extra-Curricular Activities

There is also time for a little fun. Activities include movie nights, volleyball and basketball in the gym, camping trips, holiday parties, half marathons & 5Ks, dinners with friends of CCC, etc.