Mission Statement

The mission of California Christian College is to offer academic programs that develop Christian leaders to serve Christ both in the Church and in society.

Purpose Statement

The constituency and ownership of California Christian College, the California State Association of Free Will Baptists and CCC alumni have clearly articulated their desire for CCC to establish Christian ministry programs for the purpose of developing capable Christian leaders to serve Christ both in the Church and in society. The college seeks Christian students who are serious about Christian education, doing the will of God, and preparing for church-related ministries, either on the lay or professional level.

The college is committed to upholding the cardinal doctrines of the traditional Christian faith, the distinctives of the sponsoring denomination and the belief that Christian education must deal with the moral, social, spiritual, and academic dimensions of the student. The AA and BA programs emphasize the following: (1) a major in Bible and Christian ministry as the heart of each educational program, (2) a Biblical-Christian worldview as the integrating factor for the entire curriculum, (3) Biblical standards of morals and ethics and (4) the concept that all students are preparing for Christian living and service.


The general objectives expressed below indicate qualities California Christian College regards as generally essential for effective Christian service. Therefore, it is the objective of the College to provide the necessary educational environment, instructional resources, and practical experiences so that graduates, within the framework of individual God-given personality, potential and abilities, may be reasonably expected to demonstrate the following:

  1. A broad comprehension of the Bible.
  2. A Christian worldview based on the doctrines of orthodox Christian belief.
  3. An informed mind demonstrated through critical thinking.
  4. Christian character demonstrated through academic integrity, responsible stewardship of time and resources, and support of the college community.
  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills.