Is God calling?  We can help you answer.

For over 60 years, California Christian College has been helping people answer the call of God on their lives — and we’d love to help you, too.

It’s true, in this age of increased secularism, few people have the courage to commit their lives to God’s call.  The Christian ministry, once regarded as the most esteemed vocation of all, is seldom considered a viable career path these days.  After all, a future focused on service and sacrifice isn’t very appealing when success is defined by luxury and leisure, the way our culture so often defines it.  But the highest call of all is the call to give our all for the One Who gave His all for us.

That’s why CCC exists:  to help you discern God’s call, to help you refine that call, to help you fulfill His call.  And along the way, we strive to strengthen your walk with God and add depth to your understanding of His word.  Should His call lead you into vocational ministry, our Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry will help you step into that call immediately or continue your education in graduate school.  If His call on your life means greater involvement as a lay leader in your local church or a stronger witness in the workplace, our Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Ministry is designed for you.  CCC can even help you prepare for a career other than ministry with our Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies.  This two-year program consists of general education courses taught from a distinctly biblical perspective and designed to be transferrable to other Christian colleges.  It allows students to engage the “Bible College experience” without taking courses that may not be readily accepted into majors at other Christian colleges or universities.

Wherever God may be leading you, California Christian College can help move you forward.  We offer the advantage of accreditation, which opens access to financial aid and other means of funding your education.  It also increases the viability of transferring credits to other institutions or gaining acceptance into graduate programs.  Affordability is another CCC advantage.  The United States Department of Education consistently ranks the College’s tuition among the least expensive in the nation.  In fact, the cost of attendance at CCC is less than half the national average for private, not-for-profit institutions.  CCC students also enjoy the advantage of accessibility.  Our low faculty-to-student ratio means all students have ready access to their professors, to members of our staff, even to the President and other administrators.  No student can remain anonymous at CCC.  In fact, some of the most important learning takes place outside the classroom, as students interact with faculty and staff informally on a personal level.  Accountability is another CCC advantage.  The College is founded on biblical values and the cardinal doctrines of the historic Christian faith, including the conviction that the Bible is the inspired word of God and the infallible rule to guide the beliefs and behavior of all believers.  Everyone in the CCC community is expected to live out the Christian faith in ways that honor the Lord and bless others.

We know California Christian College isn’t right for everyone; we just hope it’s right for you.  I encourage you to prayerfully consider joining us in our quest to create contagious Christians eager to impact others and transform the fabric of our culture.  I look forward to welcoming you into the unique experience that is California Christian College.  Come grow with us!

Until we meet in person,

Timothy M. Powell, Ph.D., President