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The Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Ministry

64 total units necessary for completion of degree


This two-year degree includes courses in general education, Bible, theology, and Christian ministry. Several interrelated purposes underlie the rationale for this program. First, some students desire to study the Bible and theology beyond the level normally available in the local church but do not plan to pursue a Bachelor’s degree specifically in those disciplines. Secondly, some students do not sense a call into full-time Christian ministry and do not desire a four-year degree, but they choose to attend Bible college for their own personal spiritual development and growth in Biblical knowledge. Thirdly, some Christians seek advanced training to serve more effectively in lay positions within their local church. The Associate of Arts degree in Bible and Christian Ministry strives to meet these needs.

The Associate of Arts degree provides training in both Biblical studies and general education. The courses in this program will also provide the non-ministerial student with a good foundation for general, lay ministry in a local church. The program goals are accomplished by requiring 28 units of general education, 21 core units in Bible and Theology, and 15 units to allow the student to focus in a preferred area of emphasis.

Program Objectives: Students who complete the Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Ministry should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a general and comprehensive knowledge of the Bible’s content.
  2. Articulate an integrated world view consistent with biblical truth and historic evangelical Christian faith.
  3. Describe the production, preservation, transmission, and inspiration of the Bible.
  4. Interpret the Bible in an accurate, consistent, and effective manner.
  5. Explain the biblical concept of ministry and effectively apply it in their personal and professional lives.
  6. Discern biblical principles and apply them consistently in ethical decision-making and problem-solving.
  7. Communicate the message of the Bible effectively through preaching, teaching, witnessing, counseling, and personal lifestyle.
  8. Clarify the biblical basis for a system of Christian doctrine and practice in general and within the framework of the denomination in particular.
  9. Use the Bible appropriately in ministry, whether that ministry is a professional Church ministry, Christian lay-ministry, or a para-church ministry.

General Education


Course Name

Communication: Written Communication
Oral Communication


Language Arts: College Research & Writing Introduction to Literature


Biological & Physical Science: Introduction to Biology


Mathematics: Algebra


Business & Information Technology: Introduction to Computers
Financial Management


Humanities: Critical Thinking


Total General Education Units


Core Courses


Course Name

Bible Old Testament Foundations
New Testament Foundations
Synoptic Gospels


Ministry Ministry Foundations


Theology Theological Foundations


History Church History Foundations


Total Core Units:


Total Required Units:    


Elective/Emphasis Units:    


Total Units for Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Ministry