CCC provides services designed to assist students with disabilities in their pursuit of a Christian college education. Such students must notify the Director of Admissions at the time of registration and medical verification of disability is required in order to qualify for support services such as a special parking permit, priority registration, vocational career information, and a liaison/referral for appropriate community agencies.

Any student with a disability and seeking admission to CCC must meet the following levels of independence:

  1. The ability to navigate the campus and facilities independently or with the assistance of an attendant provided by the student;
  2. The ability to take care of his/her personal needs independently or with the assistance of their personal assistant; and
  3. The possession of a stable level of health in order to benefit from a full semester’s work.

All students need to understand that CCC is able to render minor first aid only. Therefore, a student with a disability must sign an authorization at the time of registration permitting CCC, in the absence of a personal attendant, to seek emergency medical treatment and/or ambulance services in the event it is determined to be necessary by the College.

Furthermore, all costs associated with such medical treatment/transportation are the sole responsibility of the student.

Services for Students with Disabilities

  • Special Assigned Parking
  • Priority Registration
  • Vocational Career Information
  • Liason/Referral with community agencies