By Mail

Payment must be received before transcripts will be mailed. Call (559) 251-4215 for more information.

Please note: CCC does not issue transcripts on behalf of former students who have unpaid balances with our financial department or who are in default on any student loans. Official transcripts for admission to other colleges may not be issued to the student. Transcripts will be released or forwarded as requested upon receipt of the appropriate fee, after it is determined that there is no unpaid balance on the student’s account and all required information is correct and in hand.

Pro Rate Transcripts

New legislation in California has reformed the way in which higher education institutions may withhold the grades and transcripts of a defaulting student. California Assembly Bill 2589 (the Higher Education Omnibus Bill) sets forth this new method of withholding when a student is in default on a loan or tuition contract in Educational Code section §94312(k). If the student has made partial payment, the portion of grades or transcript withheld would correspond on a pro rata basis. If the default involved consists of only one course, the institution may withhold the grade or the transcript until the tuition or loan obligation is paid in full.

Upon remission of the unpaid balance, CCC will comply with any transcript request that follows the procedures specified above. Any request concerning transcripts must be in written form.