Some FAFSA applications are selected for a process called Verification. If you are one of the chosen ones it will be indicated on your Student Aid Report by an asterisk (*). The Financial Aid Office will notify you which forms you need to complete and let you know of any other required documentation.

If an applicant uses the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, within the FAFSA form, to transfer federal income tax return data to the FAFSA without modification, the unmodified data elements will not be subject to verification. This will also save  time if you are selected for Verification as you will not have to request a Tax Return Transcript. Click here for information on how to request your Tax Return Transcript from the IRS.

For a more detailed explanation of Verification click here.

Verification Forms

2018-2019 Dependent Filing Status Worksheet
2018-2019 Independent Filing Status Worksheet
2018-2019 Dependent Household Information Worksheet
2018-2019 Independent Household Information Worksheet
2018-2019 Dependent Student Survival Statement
2018-2019 Independent Student Survival Statement
2018-2019 Verification of High School Completion Status
2018-2019 Statement of Educational Purpose