Donations and Payments

California Christian College offers the ability for you to make one-time and recurring payments and donations.

Create an account to:

  • Make a one-time donation or payment
  • Schedule, adjust and track your giving
  • Set up recurring donations on a specific day of the month
  • Choose your method of payment
  • Receive year-end giving statements for all tax-deductible donations
California Christian College does not encourage the use of borrowed credit that leads to acquired debt.

To access your personal Electronic Giving account at Stewardship Technology, click below:

Please select the appropriate donation you wish to perform from the list below:

Please select the appropriate payment you wish to perform from the list below:

You are credited for your entire donation/payment amount. If you choose not to cover the processing fee, we will!

Please contact us with any concerns or questions at 559) 251-4215.

If you would like to set up a scholarship fund, endowment, or planned giving please contact Pam Dell’Olio at 559) 251-4215 ext. 1007 or