Standards of California Christian College

California Christian College is a Free Will Baptist Institution.  Therefore, it is expected that all students will live a life pleasing to the Lord, in keeping with New Testament standards of Christian honesty, morality, courtesy and kindness. Specifically, students must refrain from substance abuse including alcohol, smoking, illicit drugs, and behavior such as gambling or dancing.  In addition, students must refrain from any form of entertainment and social activity that is spiritually and morally destructive. Students are expected to exemplify the high standards of Christian conduct while enrolled at California Christian College.


If admitted to California Christian College, I agree to abide by the Standards of California Christian College and any policies that may be enforce while I am a student at CCC. I will cooperate wholeheartedly with administration, faculty, staff, and my fellow students in a life dedicated to the glory of God. I hereby state that all the information I have given is true and complete.